Introducing Menu Planner by BigOven

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The dinner scramble | Stress less on holidays | Make a flexible plan | Save money by wasting less food | Cook once, eat twice | Share menus

Plan menus easily!

What if there were an easy tool to make menu-planning a breeze?

Introducing Menu Planner by BigOven, designed by home cooks just like you.

Drag and drop the recipes you'd like onto a calendar. Click on a meal to add notes. Get the plan instantly on the web ( or your iPad. (Menu Planner support on our other free mobile apps coming soon.)

When you're done, simply click a button to generate a grocery list, sorted by aisle!

Put an end to the dinner scramble!

It's Wednesday at 6pm. After a long day, you open the refrigerator and stare. You check the freezer, then the pantry. Your family asks, "What's for dinner?" and you still don't have an answer.

Everyone's been there. It’s stressful, and often ends with spending money to go out to eat, or cobbling something together with whatever you can find in your kitchen.

It doesn't have to be that way. With just a little planning, you can save time, spend less and eat better!

Stress Less on Holidays

Holiday time often involves a lot of people and a lot of food. Reduce your stress by planning menus in advance for holidays and other special occasions.

Cook dishes on your menu ahead of time, so you can spend more time with family and friends on those special days!

Make a flexible plan

With Menu Planner, you can create plan in seconds by simply dragging and dropping. Change your mind? Just drag it to a different day. Want to add a simple side dish? Just add a note.

Plan ahead as far as you’d like – a day, a week, a month, a year – but remember you don’t need to plan everything. If you eat cereal every day, don't plan breakfast. If you buy lunch or prefer leftovers, leave lunch blank too. If you know everyone will be out of the house that day, plan something easy for dinner.

Create grocery lists right from your plan!

Menu planning can help you serve meals with similar ingredients during the same week. For example, if you need basil for curry at one meal, you can plan to use it again in spaghetti the next night. Otherwise you may end the week with a fridge full of half-used spoiled ingredients.

Need ideas for dishes to reuse ingredients? Try BigOven's Use Up Leftovers.

Cook once, eat twice

Don’t have much time to cook? Save yourself time by grilling some extra chicken on Saturday, then use it in a salad on Monday. Or roast vegetables on Sunday and serve leftovers over pasta on Tuesday.

Consider choosing recipes that can be doubled and frozen. Next time you want an easy dinner, just pull the frozen soup or lasagna from the freezer and dinner is ready to go.

Share menus with guests

Before a get-together, consider sharing your menu with guests by email to find out about allergies and dislikes.

Hosting a potluck? You can also share a menu to decide together which dishes your guests might bring.

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