Dark Balsamic, Soy and Honey Glazed Grilled Northwest Salmon

This unusual salmon marinade makes for an exceptionally moist and delicious final product. Two guests remarked tonight that it's the best salmon they've ever had. You might not normally be tempted to try these ingredients together, but if you're looking for a change from ordinary grilled salmon... which is certainly delicious on its own... give this one a try and you may be pleasantly surprised. I highly recommend you use fresh, wild king salmon if you can get it.

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Yield: 4 Servings Ready in 1 hour

Cuisine: Northwest   Main Ingredient: Salmon

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Fabulous, will make again.
cindylong , 1 months ago
Tried this recipe for the first time about a year ago. It is now my "go to recipe" for salmon. Easy, delicious, and the kids love it too. I do use a little less oil than the recipe calls for. Highly recommended.
Oshlove , 1 months ago
So delicious but only without the balsamic!
lilil95 , 3 months ago
mireillewilliams , 8 months ago
Delicious, my wife loved it! Easy and fast.
Luis_V , 10 months ago
Good glaze. Nice for when you want do a little something different with salmon.
dakotarussell , 11 months ago
Wonderful and delicious!! I love the flavor of salmon and was looking for something different and this recipe is it. I am unable to get the recommended salmon but it is delicious with Alaska pink salmon which is available in my area year round. Usually make it 2-3 times a month and serve with stir fry vegies. Highly recommend.
sunnygal , 11 months ago
I'm new to Big Oven and this I'd the first thing I've made... It was really easy to prepare and came out great... I'm totally inspired!!
happyspider , 12 months ago
This was extremely good to the adults but the kids weren't feeling it. I appreciated the simplicity a lot, and it was fresh and flavorful.
MauraSpeckt , 1 years ago
timbeckett , 1 years ago
Delightful marinade=great fish, we thoroughly enjoyed this! Fresh King Salmon is not readily available locally, but it was fantastic with what I had to work with. I served it with Jasmine rice and grilled vegetables on the side for a delicious and nutritious dinner.
MauraSpeckt , 1 years ago
andrewakamj , 1 years ago
beckster50 , 1 years ago
This is an outstanding recipe for giving an old favorite, salmon, a completely new and delicious taste. I prepared it with farm-raised salmon, a fish I generally regard as inferior to wild-caught. To my surprise, I found the marinated fish perhaps superior to usual methods of preparing wild-caught. The combination of ingredients leaves a pleasant aftertaste. I will definitely fix it again.
windwalker22309 , 1 years ago
ffgolfer , 1 years ago
Momeisch , 1 years ago
Simple and easy to put together! Tastes great too!
Valerie411 , 1 years ago
Slvr02f4i , 1 years ago
I don't normally eat fish alone, but I ate it all. It was delicious.
chsbicunurse , 1 years ago
The flavor on this was fantastic. Loved it!
lilymax4 , 1 years ago
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