Italian Beef

The closest to Beef Villa's Italian beef I have found.

(4.6, 25) 85% would make again
Yield: 8 Servings

Cuisine: American - Chicago   Main Ingredient: Beef


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I am a big Beef Villa fan. I followed this recipe to the letter. It does not in any way resemble Beef Villa beef. I don't know what you people are talking about.
mredundeei6e4j1 , 1y ago

I too am a Chicagoland transplant and this was outstanding. Thanks.
jmcman , 3y ago

Made this with venison and truned out awesome!
sprtfan34 , 3y ago

Really enjoyed Recipe. Will do this again for the family. Thanks.
offstars , 4y ago

Fantastic recipe! I used the slow cooker on low and it was the best. Thank u for sharing.
brenmc , 4y ago

Very good, will use again. I just use deli meat though. Awesome!
lagata68 , 4y ago

This was incredible! Best I've had, outside of the real thing. Tip: I froze in portions for two sandwiches and it was incredibly tough on the reheat. Won't try that again.
foxspit , 4y ago

Very very good recipe!!!! Thank you very much!!!!!
sinfulsaint07 , 5y ago

Wow, this was an Amazing recipe. My family and I were very happy.
loganetti , 5y ago

Wow, this was an Amazing recipe. My family and I were very happy.
loganetti , 5y ago

Excellent flavor! Will make again.
timlisa , 5y ago

This was easy to make and soooo delicious! My husband and the boys absolutely loved it!
vikkiray , 5y ago

Fantastic !!!! Not nearly as hard as it sounds, ONLY thing I done differently was covered during the last part and put it back in the oven instead of messing up another pan.
bcummings , 5y ago

Fantastic!!! The only thing I did different was covered the pan for the final simmering. Got to KEEP the juice.
bcummings , 5y ago

I am from Chicago and am currently living in San Diego. This is one of the best Italian Beefs I have ever had! I would definetly make this again. My husband loved it. It was a little taste from home :)
usmcwife715 , 5y ago

I am going to give this a try soon.
jkirk , 5y ago

Very good! Hubby really enjoyed it. I put some chunky onions, carrots and celery on the bottom of the pan to give the au jus a little more flavor and I used beef broth instead of water and bullion cubes.
fran3828 , 5y ago

Very good
nnfnnf , 5y ago

This is great!! I reminds me of a place in St. Paul when I was a kid. I cooked it in a slow cooker for 9 hours, then sliced it and cooked it for 2 more hours. Since I couldn't get any onion powder, I just chopped up an onion and chucked it in. Medal-worthy!!
thetitan99 , 6y ago

Where is the Provolone?.....Ok you can shoot me It's not a steak&cheese :). Looks very tasty and would like to try.
hagarhun , 6y ago

This is fantastic. I printed the recipe out 4 months ago and never got around to making it. It's easy, and it's well worth the little effort that it takes to make it. I didn't notice anything in the recipe that says about covering it during cooking. So at the last stage, I covered it and was glad I did to keep in those awesome juices!
jrowan , 6y ago

This is absolutely awesome! My men (one man that eats like two, and two boys that eat like men!!) love it and request it every week. Last week I ran out of Italian Seasoning, and instead of making up my own, my Italian man wanted me to add a twist and throw some Slap-Ya-Mama! seasoning instead. It worked out great! If you don't have Slap-Ya-Mama! then Tony Chachere's (Sa-shray's) will do. It adds just a hint of Cajun spice to the beef. Being from the deep south and raised in New Orleans by his Italian mother, my man can cook, and has awesome taste! Give it a whirl next time, it's great, I promise! If you're not brave enough or if cajun isn't your flavor, the original recipe is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! Oh, after I slice the meat, I put it in my slow cooker on med or low and cook for at least 3 hours, but have gone up to 5 hours on low...this has to be the best way in the world to make a tough piece of meat melt in your mouth.
dmanderson1 , 6y ago

OMG! I don't have to drive to chicago anymore for my fix. Excellent. Made 8 sandwiches not 4 for me. Tastes like the real thing and so simple.
hollywoude , 6y ago

I used to manage one of the Beef Villa locations and have been making my version of their beef sandwiches for a very long time. This recipe is close, and I am sure it tastes marvelous. I'm glad I'm not the only one who obsessed over that recipe! Happy Cooking, Wisconsin Sweets
wisconsinsweets , 6y ago

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