Country Baked Potato Soup

This is real comfort food, not diet food! The flavors of the creamy sauce with the baked potatoes are married together so well that it's hard to put down. I prefer to put the crumbled bacon and cheese on top of the soup because it adds another layer of flavor, but you like yours combined, it may be done that way also.

(4.5, 52) 98% would make again
Yield: 10

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Potato


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A little bland, I was so excited about this soup and a bit let down by all the good reviews. Without the cheese and bacon it would have been much worse though. Maybe I will make it again and add some extra seasoning to it...
realtorjparker , 5y ago

Very good recipe. I think next time I will cut back a little on the pepper. I also topped with chives and added carrots and celery to the soup mix. Overall, the family liked!
mjcmama , 5y ago

Except for the fact that I scorched it, this soup was pretty good and relatively easy to make. If you are wondering how much it makes, let me just say don't bother doubling it unless you're feeding an army! I am accustomed to doubling recipes for my family of nine, so I tried it with the soup. I ended up not able to fit all of the potatoes into my 7 quart dutch oven, and I had a TON of leftover soup! Making the recipe as is would have been just fine!
sioleabha , 5y ago

Excellent! Not too peppery for our family. My 20 month old son liked it too. I was looking for a great recipe of this and we have found it. Thanks!
arvan43 , 5y ago

msentell , 5y ago

I halved the recipe; I forgot to add the sour cream, and it was still tasty!
brettnleosmom , 6y ago

I halved the recipe. Subbed scallions for green onions and cooked in butter before adding the flour. It was a little strong on the sour cream for my personal taste but the family loved it.
cadd1122 , 6y ago

My whole family loves potato soup. ... We may even be potato soup snobs! This is by far the best, and the fastest potato soup I've ever made. The whole family raved! This will go in the "family favorites" recipe box!!!
kriston , 6y ago

I made this tonight. Fantastic. I also added some simmered diced celery, onion and carrots. Reduced the white pepper just a tad. But I would definitely make this again.
boyzoma , 6y ago

I added more bacon in the soup, nice and thick and worked well as leftovers!
rpms111 , 6y ago

This is a classic and excellent recipe that I have been using for years. For a chunkier version though I use Yukon Gold potatoes which hold their shape much better under cooking.
vonmoltke , 6y ago

Loved this recipe. Made it exactly as stated. Wouldn't changea thing. Even got raves from our seventeen-year-old who would often rather eat out than eat homecooking. Worth the timeit took to make it. We'll see howitholds up for left-overs;)
kmoffitt0413 , 6y ago

I made this for dinner last night, and it was just delightful. It was a hit at the dinner table! I used a little less pepper than the recipe calls for, and I still found it a touch too peppery. However, others at the table added more pepper to theirs, so clearly it's up to one's taste. Thanks for sharing such a winner!
ninmah , 6y ago

Rave reviews from the hubby and kids! I slightly modified the recipe to have equal amounts of milk, half and half, and chicken stock. When making your roux (butter/flour mixture) make sure to cook it for several minutes until it is just browned. This will not only act as the thickening agent, but will add a nice flavor as well.
ogamiaqt , 6y ago

I really did not like this recipe , I was really let down . I am still in search for a good potato soup recipe .
lola5 , 6y ago

I made this last night and it was delicious! My husband said it was probably the best potato soup he'd ever had!
beberogers , 6y ago

I have tried this recipe and I have to say it is delicious,and YES ! definately I would make it again
hannah44 , 6y ago

Very delicious, easy to make and my family loved it. Will definitely be making this again!
cchm13 , 6y ago

Best soup ever invented, can't wait to defrost the batch I put in the freezer. Creamy, bacony, heavenly. I added some more vegetables (carrots, corn, green beans, garlic, onion) so I wouldn't feel so guilty about eating all that fat.
neecie_p , 7y ago

I love this recipe! I make baked potato soup all the time at home for my husband and he loves mine but what he does not know is that I use a lot of short cuts to make it faster. I always wanted to make it from scratch but I could not find a recipe that I enjoyed as much as this one. I substituted the Cheddar Cheese for a soft Manchego cheese and my husband had his with Muenster Cheese and we both loved it!
jerseyblue , 7y ago

This Country baked Potato Soup was great but it didn't have much (or any) flavor until I added the bacon, cheese, and scallions on top. After it was all finished it was very hearty and I served it with grilled cheese for some serious comfort food. It is very rich. My family and I felt pretty lethargic after dinner.
chelsey2008 , 7y ago

Recipe was great!!! Very simple and easy to follow. Only made 1/2 the recipe to make sure that I liked it and have leftovers. Hubby and 4 yr old daughter couldn't stop eating. Added a bit more salt and extra chives, but otherwise perfect. First time ever making a creamed soup. Will definitely add to my recipe box and make again.
tiffyking , 7y ago

I only had half the milk, added a cup of water, and the thickness was perfect. I pureed a scoopful of potatoes and added them back in to help with the thickening. Also added a couple tablespoons of bacon grease to the roux. Yum!
bethp8 , 7y ago

This soup is a good consistency when initially made, but if you have leftovers, it will thicken in the fridge. When reheating, if the consistency is too thick for you, add a little milk to get it the way you like it. It tastes just as good the next day!
pilsbury , 8y ago

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