Spaghetti Sauce

This sauce came from a good friend's Italian Mother-in-law. It is easy, and by far the best homemade sauce I know of. Great for both Spaghetti and Lasagna. Pssst...the secret is the sugar!

(4.2, 61) 84% would make again
Yield: 8 Servings

Cuisine: Italian   Main Ingredient: Tomatoes


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Really good. I modified it a bit and used Italian sausage, skipped the bell peppers and used crushed whole tomatoes only.
glockfan , 4y ago

I usually don't change recipes until after I try it the first time to the letter. This one I just adjusted a few things, I used Italian sausage instead of ground beef, added a can of tomato paste and omitted the parsley (it wasn't in the directions anyhow). To the person who thinks 5 cloves of garlic is too much; it's cloves of garlic, not entire heads of garlic. THIS IS AN AWESOME RECIPE! Thank you so very much!
maidinblisscleaning , 4y ago

Sauce is better than anything out of a jar. Enjoyed not only preparing, but eating this delicious recipe. I would however thicken it up a bit (paste), spice it up and add mushrooms. Still a great dish and reccomend
garyjoey , 4y ago

Excellent recipe, very tasty! We have made this several times and love it!
trimixer , 4y ago

Sorry to say, but I did not find this recipe flavor packed. It also did not thicken so I had to help it along with a bit of corn starch. I added extra herbs and garlic to help give it a punch. I will try it again, using the basics of this recipe but adding tomato paste.
anastasiae7 , 5y ago

Excellent with meatballs! I fried the meatballs first till they were well browned & crispy, then I lowered the heat & added all the ingredients as per recipe in the jus of the meatballs! Very yummy!
chefmaz , 5y ago

Great starter recipe! i altered it a little bit by using 1/4 cup of fresh basil instead of the dried basil. i cut the sugar in half and added a 1/2 cup of red wine. also i added a half of a can of tomato paste. oh i almost forgot i added a tablspoon of olive oil and a splash of worchestershire sauce to the hamburg when i browned it.
mjparent13 , 5y ago

Was easy to make! My husband enjoyed for a few lunches ;-)
rpms111 , 5y ago

Wasn't bad, but needed to simmer quite a bit longer than 40 minutes to be much more than tomato soup.
ruminus , 5y ago

I added paste to it... also used sausage instead of hamburg every one loved it and even more the next day!
kbkn04 , 5y ago

Used fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs out of my garden, added Marsala, red pepper, reduced the bay leaf count by one, disregarded the sugar because of the natural sugars in the wine and simmered for 6 hours. Oh. And cubed my own beef. Now Its fantastic
markuspea , 5y ago

5 cloves of garlic?.....Really? I use one maybe 2 for my family of 5 and its pretty distinctive with that amount. Is this the anti vampire recipe or something.

This is as Italian as meatballs!!! Whoever finds this good has McDonald's as a benchmark. Sugar? And two full spoonfuls nevertheless. Come on people just look it up on the Internet, there're plenty of good recipes and more healthy that this one.
sevedb , 5y ago

This is about as authentically Italian as 'italian' pizza made in Germany!I'm pleased for the people no longer buying jarred sauce (though why would you anyway...over priced and gross ) But please bear in mind that just because an Italian person supplied the recipe doesn't mean they know their Parmesan from their parma ham?if this is real bolognese then macdonalds really is a restaurant!if you want to learn about true regional cuisine i recommend antonio carluccio.oh,and psst,surely everyone knows about putting sugar in out of season tomato dishes by now?!
kellybigboobs , 5y ago

My family loves this receipe. I use splenda instead of sugar and added mushrooms. Way yummy! We make this at least once a month.
hjudy1 , 6y ago

I enjoyed this recipe. It was similar to the one I made. Modifications made to this recipe were: Added 1 and a half tomatoes cubed, 3 stalks of celery and 2tbsp cornstarch. Cornstarch was added to increase the viscocity of the liquid. Half teaspoon of white sugar instead of 2 tbsp. I also added 1tbsp of brown sugar and 1 tsp of soy sauce to reduce the acidity.
seguinad99 , 6y ago

This was okay but not as great as i thought it would be based on the reviews. I'll use it as a base next time but add mushrooms and celery, as well as reduce the sugar. The texture was the best part.
buddercup , 6y ago

This is really a PHENOMINAL spaghetti sauce recipe! It tastes TRULY authentic! To give the sauce a VERY DELICIOUS zip I added between 1/4 and 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red peppers before cooking the sauce. As far as the sugar goes, I put in a full 2 tablespoons and it seems to be PERFECT! I agree that it's the sugar that really makes this sauce great! I also agree that I will never buy already made spaghetti sauce again! This recipe has spoiled my family and has brought our spaghetti dinners to a whole new level!
billatkublakhan , 6y ago

First time I made 'homemade' sauce instead of using a jar.the whole family said it was the best spaghetti sauce they've tried.will be using this recipe from now on.
barcaceltic , 6y ago

I read all the reviews for this recipe which is why I choose to make it. I was so excited cause my family hates jar sauce and everyone said this was the best sauce they have ever had. I was extremely disappointed in the sauce. I followed the recipe exactly except halfing up the sugar like suggested in the reviews. I felt it had a very little taste. It was bland and plain. My boys or husband did not like it either. My 8 year old son was the first one to say he didnt like it and it didnt have a lot of taste. I am confused because I followed the recipe and cant understand why everyone raved so highly about this recipe and we thought it was so plain and bland.
jkplus4 , 6y ago

I found this recipe on the internet a long time ago, but the originator of the recipe is unknown. It is presented here with his own comments. This is better than any spaghetti sauce I have EVER tried!
ksperkins , 6y ago

parsley is mentioned in ingredients, but not included in the preparation. what gives?
smokerman , 6y ago

Wow! I could hardly keep my family from eating it all in one sitting. This was delicious, on top of being simple to make. I followed the suggestions about cutting the sugar in half, which worked out perfectly. After making this, I can never go back to jarred sauce again.
brandie610 , 6y ago

This was a delicious,sweet and low acid sauce...the whole family loved it!
richj1966 , 6y ago

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