Buttercream Icing

A classic icing recipe, I was given in cake decorating class

(4.2, 45) 73% would make again

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Yield: 12 Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Sugar

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Note: 12 servings will ice about 24 cupcakes!
Juicy86 , 5 months ago
elaineg1113 , 6 months ago
belgin , 7 months ago
drdivyajyoti , 8 months ago
cinamez77 , 1 years ago
Fantastic - not too sweet!
Kat0462 , 1 years ago
I am changing my previous review rating , this icing deserves 5 stars! It taste just like the bakery buttercream icing that I love so much! This recipe will always be my go to recipe when I want a buttercream icing. Perfect taste, texture and consistency. Easy to follow recipe too. Kudos to the poster!
mogriff1 , 1 years ago
Very good and has great texture for piping! Very thick and the right constancy. It tastes really sweet, but hey buttercream is supposed to be sweet! I made it with the 'Simple White Cake' recipe on Big Oven. Perfect combination!
mogriff1 , 1 years ago
summerlove31 , 1 years ago
I hate to say it but the icing came out tasting like powered sugar and crisco to me. It was ok but I won't be making again.
Haileydickens , 1 years ago
Was great. I added some Hershey's cocoa to make a chocolate buttercream icing.
marr611657 , 1 years ago
littlechef10012 , 1 years ago
Good but soooo much better with banana or lemon extract
mistydawnbaby , 1 years ago
A little crisco-ey....but it works pretty good and it does hold up..I just added a little more milk ,butter,and lemon rind or Orange...
shannonsenn-clay , 1 years ago
Came out great!
AlishaMarieW , 1 years ago
Very yummy! Just like we used to make in bake shop.
loricsilver , 1 years ago
hntorres111 , 1 years ago
I'd put less butter, more crisco.
BrittanyRocketship , 1 years ago
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