Pan-Seared Rib Eye Steak

I love steaks grilled outside over hardwood charcoal, but in the middle of winter, in rainy weather or simply when I want a change of taste, pan-searing is the indoor method that's become my hands-down favorite. Pan-searing is the restaurant technique of searing on the stove top, then finishing the dish in the oven. The same advantages of this approach which appeal to busy chefs are also important to home cooks--ease and predictability of results. Pan-searing produces a steak that has a brown, crispy surface with tender, juicy, and flavorful meat inside.

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Yield: 2 Servings Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Beef


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Excellent meal. Great method for cooking steaks indoors in the winter. Excellent crust on outside. I will cook the steaks a minute less on each side in the oven the next time-they were a bit to done for me.
Elvira1 , 1 week ago
Mothai , 1 months ago
Oh so good
trent_custard , 2 months ago
Awesome steaks!
Danseur , 11 months ago
Sauce was great
dmcmil4911 , 1 years ago
Perfection! My family loved it. Open the windows tends to get smoky. Came out perfect. Will cook it again.
spinchin , 1 years ago
came out amazing, i used garlic and season salt instead of what this says. and some shrimp pasta along side was perfect
chefPolardaddy , 1 years ago
Steaks turned out great. The sauce was delicious . My husband & I pay good $ at steak restaurants to get a steak w/ sauce like this. We can have it at home. Wonderful w/ grainy mustard too. Thanks for posting !
Hipmom3 , 1 years ago
terrymcguire , 1 years ago
jonnyandbrittany13 , 2 years ago
Very good steaks, best I have ever made on my own. Be prepared for a lot of smoke if you don't use the canola oil. The first time I made these I used olive oil and set off the smoke alarm several times from across the house. Rookie mistake.
ASWilliams , 2 years ago
1hoppy , 2 years ago
Amazing recipe!!!
Mothai , 2 years ago
angelface28 , 2 years ago
jnabours , 2 years ago
Amazing! My husband kept saying WOW after each bite. Best steak cooking technique I've found. Sauce was yummy too. Thanks for posting yet another fab recipe!
Doreen101 , 2 years ago
Simple but effective technique to cook steaks!
askeet , 2 years ago
I loved the way was written and explained everything. My husband told me "this is a 5* food and I should eat in a suit. I feel like in a fancy restaurant..." I was not thrilled with the taste, as I like more sweet food, but I have to admit that was different and good. I will make this again for my husband.
olivera1975 , 2 years ago
At last! After five decades of cooking rib eye steak (and never really achieving good restaurant standards) I followed the instructions to the letter and had the perfect medium rare steak! Happy as a sandboy!!
DerekW , 2 years ago
Very easy...meat was tender and tasty!
ssjj , 2 years ago
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