Pan-Seared Rib Eye Steak

I love steaks grilled outside over hardwood charcoal, but in the middle of winter, in rainy weather or simply when I want a change of taste, pan-searing is the indoor method that's become my hands-down favorite. Pan-searing is the restaurant technique of searing on the stove top, then finishing the dish in the oven. The same advantages of this approach which appeal to busy chefs are also important to home cooks--ease and predictability of results. Pan-searing produces a steak that has a brown, crispy surface with tender, juicy, and flavorful meat inside.

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Yield: 2 Servings Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Beef


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Simply delicious. The flavours worked well together.
Heatherferg , 2 years ago
Really wonderful! Make sure you have everything you need ready to go -- it truly goes quickly once you begin to sear the steaks!
Elebama , 2 years ago
Amazing !!!!!! Watch timing between oven and tenting if you like steak more rare. Other than that I can't give it enough stars
Kristinenicole , 3 years ago
Whoah this recipe is Awesome! The sauce is just marvelous although I used red wine instead of white I got a thumbs up from my hubby that didn't think that I can cook steak!
Edithfinn , 3 years ago
Absolutely awesome. Instead of shallots I used garlic and onion in the sauce. It came out perfectly medium rare.
blackscorp , 3 years ago
Quick and simple recipe. Used a little too much salt but will do this again with a Montreal Steak Spices instead of the slat and pepper (basically the same but with more cracked pepper and less salt). The wine reduction glaze was excellent. Simple recipe but very good.
claudegbeaudoin , 3 years ago
This is a great recipe. Very simple to prepare. I was truly astonished at how delicious both the steak and the sauce turned out.
VikkiRay , 3 years ago
I just made this for dinner, the look of satisfaction on my husband's face is the best compliment to this recipe that I can give. He was glazed over with that "this is the best dinner ever " look. GREAT sauce and I lov e the way the steaks came out. Will make this one again and again. Thanks!
MrsGunn , 4 years ago
Marvelous- came out perfect. I eliminated the sauce, and roasted Videlia onions prior to making the steak ( large videlia onions halved lengthwise, set in pyrex cover with a bit of EVOO ( I prefer Greek Kalameta OO and worstcheschire sauce) roast w/o skins in 450 oven for 20 minutes. flip once. Goes nice with the steaks. Also topped hot steaks with crumbled roquefort.
Sweeney52 , 4 years ago
This is the first time I've ever made steaks and this marinade is awesome!
jmrico29 , 4 years ago
I love ribeyes and this is wonderful, thank u for posting this!
marisacooks123 , 4 years ago
quite good, simple and didn't take very long. a good substitute for someone who doesn't have a grill.
domo145 , 4 years ago
I enjoyed making it. I couldn't get mine to come out medium rare. Rather, it came out well done. Can't figure out where I went wrong. I was expecting a stronger flavor from the sauce. It was more oily than a thick sauce. It's probably something I did. My steaks got cold while waiting to make the sauce so I had to reheat it in the microwave. That's when it became more flavorful. Overall, it went well.
faresscott , 4 years ago
Like a fine dining experience! A truely delicious meal. This recipe is very impressive and so detailed. I actually learned from all of the information within. I was aiming for med but ended up with med-well, but still great. I seared for the full two minutes and baked 3 min on each side. We took our time making the meal, but with everything ready to go it was easy to cook.
jsteph00 , 5 years ago
Searing adds flavor...lots and lots of flavor. The flavor is added to the outside, in the form of caramelization or browning. Searing requires high temperatures to achieve the desired results. As juices escape, the outside of the meat gets drier, and hotter. That hot, dry part of the meat is needed for the chemical reactions to occur that cause intense browning. The best cut of meat to use with this method of cooking is the rib eye or delmonico steak which have sufficient fat to produce a moist, tender result. Ideally, the steaks should be a minimum of one and a half inches in thickness.
chefdebkitchen , 5 years ago
This steak was awesome. The seared outside was delicious. Next time I will marinate, but this time I followed the recipe.
ionednet , 5 years ago
Cooked to perfection best steak I have ever tasted.
Flameonphil , 5 years ago
The best bone-in ribeye I have ever made in the house. So easy & no smoke. While steak rested, put thickly sliced mushrooms in the skillet. When they were almost done, added sliced white onion. Roasted new potatoes, asparagus & salad made a steakhouse meal at 1/4 the cost! Did marinate the steak with garlic & olive oil for hours at room temperature.
tjander , 5 years ago
martini76 , 5 years ago
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