Glazed Lemon Bread
Wonderfully moist and saturated with lemony flavor.
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Glazed Lemon Bread

Very lemony, very tasty and very easy to make. My mother once won a contest with her Glazed Lemon Bread recipe. It's a wonderfully moist bread, saturated with lemony flavor, that's great for breakfast, as a dessert or just as a snack. I prefer my mother's recipe over other lemon bread recipes because the glaze is allowed to saturate the bread all the way through...also, heating the glaze to melt the sugar helps it go on smoothly, unlike the usual method which is "grainy" from unmelted sugar.

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Yield: 9 Servings Ready in 1 hour

Cuisine: American-South   Main Ingredient: Lemon


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My grandmother used a recipe very similar to this one except she mixed powdered sugar with lemon juice for the glaze and therefore didn't have to heat it to meet the sugar ;)
lgsakane , 9 months ago
Who ever wrote this, you may want to get a copyright on the recipe. It proved to be super popular at a function I went to, with people asking who made it and where to get the recipe. The key to perfect this recipe is to do precisely everything as it's written. AAAAAA+
Camaro0670 , 1 years ago
Excellent recipe. For those whose bread fell in the middle.... My friend who is a chef said use absolutely fresh just opened leaveners (baking soda and powder) and to rotate loaf halfway through baking.
MRenee110 , 1 years ago
Loved this, and so much easier to make than I thought it would be. Definitely will be a favorite in our house!
Hiltonhead1999 , 1 years ago
YUM!! This recipe has become my neighborhood favorite for summer cook outs!
queenangie11 , 1 years ago
I don't know why but it did not taste right! None of the family liked this but I think I made the syrup too early as it does not take long to make! Quite disappointing!
NevieNoo , 1 years ago
Love it! So easy to make!
Valerie411 , 1 years ago
Nice! Will recommend anyone try it.
donnawhawkins9 , 1 years ago
Very nice. First time I ever baked in my life and it came out perfect ! And so delicious. Thanks for the recipe !
DDsix , 1 years ago
Really delicious! Came out very good. Easy to make. Thanks for the recipe. This one is a keeper.
lkolec , 1 years ago
As always, your recipes never fail and this one is also absolutely delicious! The consistency of the bread is different than a typical "pound cake." Very flavorful and this is a keeper I will be making many times over! Thank you for sharing the recipe!
Walpa2 , 1 years ago
This is such a great tasting treat! Mine fell in the middle too, but we didn't care. LOL! I'll "keep it forever and pass it down to family" as well. I may try it in a 9" cake pan next time just because it did fall in the middle. Might be more presentable for company.
terrigibson1 , 1 years ago
OMG!!!!! This is excellent. Thanks for the recipe. This is a keeper.
Avbh3011 , 1 years ago
Bread fell in the middle and i definitely did not "bump" the oven! Quite a disappointment.
LadythePom , 1 years ago
by far the best lemon bread I have ever had - let alone made! This on is going in the "keep forever and pass down to family" collection. Thanks for all of your amazing recipes - you're my favorite follow :)
queenangie11 , 1 years ago
dreising , 1 years ago
First cake/bread I've ever made. Very simple recipe to follow. Turned out very good. Was a little tart at first but the following day was really good and only slightly tart. Will definitely be mailing again. Thanks for the recipe.
BobbyP , 1 years ago
wytepearlz , 1 years ago
Very delicious cake. I found the glaze a little tart for my liking. Next time, I will just omit it as I feel the cake/bread is very tasty on its own. Thanks for sharing.
AliciaLockey , 1 years ago
twisted1331 , 1 years ago
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