Garlic - Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops
Juicy, tender and delicious!
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Garlic - Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

These savory pork chops come out juicy, tender, and are complimented wonderfully by the parmesan, sage and garlic. This great dish can stand alone without needing a sauce or gravy to flavor it...and makes an easy dinner in less than an hour.

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Yield: 4 Servings Ready in 20 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Pork


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This dish was labour intensive to prepare but worth every minute. I browned the chops in the pan and finished them in the oven. Don't forget the lemon and parsley at the end. The flavours were delicious!
tanimags , moments ago
Simply scrumptious!
chantellosejo , 2 weeks ago
Delicious. I will make this again and again.
slumdee8 , 3 weeks ago
Very flavorful, pork turned out very juicy, Just wasnt a show stopping, earth moving flavor for me to rate as a 5, but i would make it again.
one_knight4u , 3 weeks ago
The only way I'll eat pork chops now! This recipe is used at least two times per month in my household. Everyone begs me for them!
BrittDilller , 1 months ago
Jlee37 , 1 months ago
I love this recipe. The parmesan adds a great twist. These chops are delicious.
BronwenO , 2 months ago
mavaughn , 2 months ago
This was very good and very easy. I will definitely make it again. I used thicker pork chops (that's all I had at the time), and cooked them on a lower temperature so that they would not over brown. I also increased the cooking time to about 30 minutes total.
Linda1915 , 3 months ago
Ok, so I was looking through the submitted pictures of this dish and a lot of them look overdone or burnt. The easiest way to tell if they are ready to flip over is the sides of the pork chops are turning golden brown. The best heat on the stove top for this is 4-5, anything higher will overcook them. Also, do not crowd the pan and change out oil if it starts getting leftover burnt breadcrumbs.
weedblossom , 5 months ago
Very good!
MountainDreamer , 5 months ago
This is the first time I have made pork chops that I had liked. This is a great recipe.
schr1ama , 5 months ago
Great flavor! Just be aware of your oil temp. The coating goes from beautiful to burned in a heartbeat if it is too high.
shawnmarie26 , 5 months ago
It takes longer then 20 minutes to prepare. It's also very messy! I wouldn't make it again, nor recommend. Watch your cooking time, 5 minutes on each side is not long enough for 1/2 inch think pork!
tucker-hayley , 5 months ago
I Didn't really get anything from this recipe... Maybe I did it wrong.
Ovensmoke , 5 months ago
Really good
kndyll_wr , 6 months ago
Instructions easy to follow. Came out great!
jesswhicker , 6 months ago
Excellent! Easy to make and the pork chop is very juicy.
claudegbeaudoin , 8 months ago
Great! Easy and delicious!
Havokk , 8 months ago
Best pork chop I've ever made. Maybe the best pork chop I've ever eaten!!!! Tender, moist, DELICIOUS!
angelam2002 , 9 months ago
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