Crockpot Beef Short Ribs

This is a delicious Short Rib recipe, with the beef turning meltingly tender...and accompanied by a rich and savory sauce made from the beef drippings. The ribs, a combination of lean meat and fat, are cut from the end of a standing rib roast, and this is what makes them so tasty. This easy crockpot recipe makes an excellent "stick-to-your-ribs" meal, especially for cold weather.

(4.3, 29) 84% would make again
Yield: 6 Servings

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Beef Short Ribs


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LisaAngelina, you may have missed the notes at the end of the recipe but if you refrigerate the sauce after cooking, the excess fat will solidify and can be easily scraped off the top.
sgrishka , 3y ago

Any good hints on how to skim the fat? It was difficult to do. So we found it way too greasy.
lisaangelina , 3y ago

roz6844 , 4y ago

Really good. I used tomato sauce. Meat fell off the bones. Yummy but needs some zing. Added some spices and more garlic.
geekosis , 4y ago

I really like this one. I used the chuck roast and it was a crowd pleaser or sure. Next time I think I'll punch up the gravy just a bit. A little more chili powder and mustard. Maybe a bit more worchestershire.
fergiej , 4y ago

Had this tonight & my husband & I loved it. I like that it was easy to make. Like everyone else I used the tomato sauce instead of the Ketchup. Will have again & again
honydo , 4y ago

Very Good
tootesfidget , 4y ago

I made loved it, as well as my daughter. I did find the ketchup a little sweet and may try the below suggestions and use tomato sauce instead of ketchup. It was easy and delicious. The meat was tender and juicy! I will make it again!
gretcha1 , 4y ago

Awesome recipe! My husband is usually the cook around here but he loved this dish!! Meat just fell apart! I made it exactly like it called for too :)
ktobolsky , 4y ago

This tastes like a fast food hamburger with all the ketchup. This is not how short ribs should be made.
hokieman32 , 4y ago

This was amazingly good! I used tom sauce instead of ketchup and red wine instead of the vinegar. It's a substantial, delicious meal.
jamie2888 , 4y ago

Husband loved them.. Thank you for another delicious recipe
skittlesbite , 4y ago

It came out delicious. My 7 year old granddaughter who hates stewed beef, ate it with "gusto" and asked for seconds and thirds. I read the reviews, and substituted tomato sauce for the ketchup. The meal was absolutely amazing! Thank you,
josamda , 4y ago

This is the first time I have used my NEW handy dandy Slow Cooker. My 7 yr old granddaughter who HATES beef said " wow, my fork likes this meat, it is so soft" we all loved this recipe. I read some reviews and cut the Catsup by 1/2 and used 1/2 BBQ SAUCE. My husband said it was right on in sum it was a big hit ad I will most definitely make it again
josamda , 5y ago

I changed it a little bit. I braised the ribs in tallow and lard, saved the drippings and fat to help with the incredible gravy and left out the ketchup. I think I got the percentage of calories from fat somewhere into the 55-65% range. Fantastic neo-paleo recipe with heart healthy fats from whole foods and all carbs from tubers! This is now my go-to recipe for short ribs.
rossifer , 5y ago

this recipe was great!!! i changed the ketchup to tomato sauce and added more garlic but the ribs fall right off the bone!
lphigh2008 , 5y ago

This was very good. Everyone was right about it being a little sweet. The ribs tasted great but the carrots and potatoes were sweet.
chrisplunkett , 5y ago

I modified this recipe just a bit to suit my taste - tomato sauce instead of ketchup, and red wine instead of red wine vinegar. Plus, I more than tripled the amount of garlic powder. It turned out yummy!! Thanks for this easy and awesome recipe!
bluemarcelle , 5y ago

This was good, but could be enhanced a bit. Next time I will cut back on the ketchup. I agree with an earlier review that BBQ could be worked in. It is great to have the complete meal ready at once. Will try again
sharvey30 , 5y ago

This recipe was very good. I thought it was slightly oversweet, and would probably cut back on the ketchup somewhat, but the flavor was delicious. We made it in a dutch oven rather than the crockpot due to time.
stashchef , 5y ago

I enjoyed the easiness of this recipe and the great taste. Next time I will cut the ketchup with maybe half bbq sauce and half ketchup. I let this cook all night and then heated it for dinner. the meat just fell off the bones
brapchuk , 6y ago

This was quite a good and easy recipe. Beef was extremely tender, and the potatoes, carrots, etc. complemented the final product nicely. However, I'd characterize the flavor of the sauce as very barbecue-saucey (tang of ketchup and red wine vinegar); that's not a drawback by any means, but the ample amounts of ketchup seemed to overpower the flavor. Ketchup is just fine as a condiment, but not my personal preference for dominant flavor in a sauce. Next time, I'd probably back off the ketchup amount to avoid having it being so dominant, perhaps using tomato paste instead, using red wine, and/or substituting in a good quality bbq sauce. I LOVED the simplicity and "set and forget" nature of the recipe, and think the photo and description, as usual from this author, are both terrific. Thanks for posting... would definitely make this again, just with a reduction in the ketchup.
stevemur , 6y ago

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