Easy Roast Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potatoes
Easy Roast Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potatoes
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Easy Roast Lemon Pepper Chicken & Potatoes

Easy and hearty

(4.5, 62) 94% would make again

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Yield: 3 Servings Ready in 50 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Chicken


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Delicious! My husband wanted more after it was all gobbled up. Next time I have to use more chicken!
Ange325 , 2 years ago
It came out really great. Will repeat.
julioadrionlopez , 2 years ago
This recipe is wonderful and easy to make. My kids loved it, which is saying something. Even my husband, who hates my cooking loved it!
seanodonnell , 2 years ago
Quick and easy and so good
judycirigliano-mcavey , 2 years ago
This is an AMAZING dinner!!!!! :-)
Vanessa8490 , 2 years ago
mrsfreeda , 2 years ago
I added other vegetables: potatoes, carrots, celery, and a dozen or so cloves of garlic. I used Papa Joe's Salt (a combination of coarse sea salt, garlic, and pepper) in combination with the lemon pepper, and I overdid all the seasonings, as I tend to do. For the chicken, I cooked 5 drumsticks and 2 breasts (on the bone). My wife and mother enjoyed it. I would cook it again and add more or different vegetables.
WhatTheFulton , 2 years ago
Jess-Rodgers , 2 years ago
jobeig , 2 years ago
I love recipes that are simple and taste great. This recipe is both. A great weekday dinner recipe.
donaliz , 2 years ago
Family loved it!
michellebriton , 2 years ago
my husband loved it! I used a total of 1 tsp of salt, 1 1/2 tsp of lemon pepper, 1/2 tsp of paprika. I squeezed some lemon before serving it.
blessildablinkybawiin , 2 years ago
This is soooooo awesome. I didn't have lemon pepper so used lemon juice and added more spices. I also added squash, courgettes and whole garlic cloves. It's so yummy and really really easy to put together. Thank you so much for sharing!!
Kxnaiades , 2 years ago
My husband loves it and super yummy just added a few more spies
jennifer_v313 , 2 years ago
Nice and very easy, hubby loved it.
MaiTaida , 2 years ago
Delicious! Much easier than most chicken recipes I've tried, which make you cook on the stove then the oven. I added crushed lemon, garlic, fennel, and croutons mixed into the potatoes and these flavors worked nicely as well. As one more added bonus, we took the dish we used for roasting, with the leftover juices and baked on stuff and boiled the chicken bones in it for stock, then added back in our leftover chicken with some celery and carrots for a wonderful chicken soup.
rachelsavoian , 2 years ago
My family enjoyed and this was easy to make... Will make again! Thank you!
MomMia , 2 years ago
Made this twice this week and my husband LOVEDD!!!! Just added a few more spices and an hour is the oven and camed out beautiful
jennifer_v313 , 2 years ago
Wrbryan91 , 2 years ago
Very good easy to make thx for the recipe!
lkolec , 2 years ago
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