State Fair Funnel Cakes
This State Fair staple of deep-fried batter is spongy and crisp and covered with pillowy drifts of light-as-air powdered sugar...can it get any better than this.
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State Fair Funnel Cakes

Simply the best state fair recipe for funnel cakes

(4.4, 80) 73% would make again

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Yield: 12 Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Flour

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MaddyNicole , 2 months ago
They were to thick didn't turn out right.
cinamez77 , 2 months ago
I love funnel cake <33333
amw120902 , 2 months ago
Like it
ari643 , 4 months ago
xboxer , 4 months ago
Right on tastes just like the funnel cakes you buy at fairs!
mandamontana7 , 6 months ago
Batter was a bit thick so I cut it to 2 cups. I used to work for the carnival making these so it came out near perfect. Added bananas and caramel and it was like being back in the circuit!
FluffyChefDMACC , 6 months ago
Very good, used 1/2 cup sugar and a splash of vanilla, yum!
FullMetalBlonde , 7 months ago
Loved this. I modified it with Splenda and a small amount of sugar so my husband could eat it for a RARE treat (since he always has to skip the sugary ones at the fairs) and it turned out beautifully! We added sugar free chocolate and caramel sauces and slices of good!
corrinnepace , 7 months ago
With a few adjustments this recipe is absolutely perfect! I kept everything the same except for the sugar and flower, I added 1/2 C of sugar and 2 1/4 C of flower as well as 1/2 tsp of Vanilla extract(imitation) My funnel cake turned out sweet and chewy(but not undercooked)
Endrient , 8 months ago
amwils , 8 months ago
moneymarie , 9 months ago
Loved it everyone says batter was too thick....seemed ok to me but then again I had never had a funnel cake like ever. It does make far too many tho other than that loved it! My sister in law says she never has to but them again
maleen , 9 months ago
i made this tonight and it was fantastic, however i did make some changes, i kept everything the same except the sugar and flour, i used 1/2 C of sugar and 2 1/2 C flour and the batter was the perfect consistency
slb32688 , 9 months ago
clga , 9 months ago
Way way way too thick. Recipe only needs 2 cups of flour or less.
Hellbound1983 , 9 months ago
Great recipe does make a lot halve for less.
EDF52 , 11 months ago
Hells yea!
PennyPopper28 , 11 months ago
pretty32 , 11 months ago
Easy recipe, everyone loved them! It does make a lot so we just cut the recipe to fit.
Hairballkitty2 , 12 months ago
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