Bourbon Chicken

A flavorful chicken dish named after Bourbon Street in New Orleans, Louisiana

This was a copycat recipe I found & modified of the Bourbon Chicken sold in most Chinese take-outs; which rarely use bourbon as a component. It's wonderfully sweet & spicy without being too hot. For kids that don't like hotstuffs, cut down on the pepper flakes!

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Yield: 4 Servings Ready in 30 minutes

Cuisine: Chinese   Main Ingredient: Chicken


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carlforsyth , 3 weeks ago

Just made this for the guys at the firehouse, we all loved it!
john_o_connor , 3 weeks ago

Great flavour, tender! We have tried many different types of Chinese chicken style and so far this one works the best!
M_Munoz68 , 3 weeks ago

I have made this a few times. I like to used chicken thighs and to add a bit (to taste) of Jack Daniels whisky to the sauce. My husband and son love it.
shawnbennettjacobs , 1 months ago

Oh yes yes yes. This was easy, quick and delicious! We will definitely be having this again.
MinnaB , 1 months ago

I've made this for my family a few times now. I "guesstimate" on the portions. I find myself always adding more ketchup and brown sugar at the end to have a sweeter taste and more red peppers for the sweet and spicy feel. I serve this with white rice and broccoli. I love it!
wintred , 1 months ago

Third time making it, and it comes out delicious every time. This time I took the suggestion below of adding Jack Daniels (I was only willing to spare 1tbsp lol), and I deglazed the pan with red wine at the end of the chicken cooking time. Also used boneless skinless chicken thighs this time instead of breasts, and the flavor was richer, we loved it. And I always use dark brown sugar instead of light, again, richer flavor.
BijouS , 1 months ago

MissSMITH2015 , 1 months ago

Double the recipe for the sauce and add 3 tablespoons of Jack Daniels whiskey. when you're finished cooking almost the sauce adding green peppers yellow peppers and red peppers to add a nice balance to the meal
fessiambre , 1 months ago

Made this last night. Really really liked it. It is on the sweeter side if you are a saltier person, which I am. I served it with pasta and the BF an i agreed that it would be MUCH better with rice (which was originally suggested)
Chelsea925 , 1 months ago

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