BigOven is the ultimate kitchen tool.

Created by cooks for cooks, BigOven helps you get organized and inspired — in the kitchen or on the go.

Take your recipes anywhere

Imagine having all your recipes at the grocery store, when you see what's fresh and on sale. Or over at a friend's house, when they're asking for the recipe of that great dessert you just made. It's easy to get your recipe collection into BigOven. Get all your family favorites on your smartphone, tablet or web. You can build grocery lists quickly, access recipes at the grocery store, and bring your iPad to the kitchen countertop.

More than just a document organizer, BigOven knows it's a recipe. You can add it to a grocery list, and all the ingredients get added to your list, sorted by aisle. You can resize recipes up or down with a simple tap. You can search recipes including or excluding ingredients, convert to metric, make menus and much more.

With BigOven, my recipes are always on my iPhone. Makes grocery shopping easy!

- Mary R., Snohomish WA

Menu Planner Gets You Organized

End the nightly dinner scramble by planning ahead. Simply drag and drop recipes onto a calendar, and add any notes you want. Email your plan, duplicate plan segments, and scale recipes. When you're done, simply click a button to generate a grocery list!

Menu Planner is available on iPhone and iPad as well

Grocery List: Save Time Shopping

With BigOven, you'll get a smart, mobile grocery list. Simply tell BigOven what recipes you're making, and it'll build you a complete list. Your list will be automatically sorted by aisle -- no more back-tracking through the store!

Change your mind about what you're making tonight? Simply remove a recipe with a tap or mouseclick, and BigOven will automatically remove all the ingredients for that recipe. Add individual items. Email your list to other family members to have them do the work for you.

Use your iPhone, Android, iPad or Windows Phone, and get your list anywhere. (Blackberry or other user? Simply bookmark our mobile website, at Your list will automatically sync, just log in. You can easily create a list in one place and access it from anywhere!

Your own easy recipe dashboard

BigOven keeps track of your Favorite, Added, and "Try" recipes wherever you add them. Join BigOven and get a recipe dashboard that's all your own. Add recipes, mark recipes you'd like to Try Soon, favorite them... have an easy place on the web to get unstuck for dinner.

We'll even type in your recipes, saving you time

You can type in your own recipes for free, but if you'd like, we can type them in for you!

With BigOven's RecipeScan, you simply snap a photo and we'll type in the recipe for you. You get 3 free to try, and 25 more free if you join BigOven Pro. Additional RecipeScan credits can be purchased starting at just $0.59 per recipe.

BigOven Pro members also get a handy "Add to BigOven" button, letting you simply add other web-based recipes to your private collection with a click of the mouse.

RecipeScan is amazing! I just photographed a recipe in the newspaper, now it's on my phone and iPad. So cool!

- Julie M., Boston MA

Create a Menu Plan Quickly and Easily

Just drag and drop any recipe you want onto a Menu Planner, and build a plan for the week.

BigOven will create a grocery list for you, sorted by aisle.

You can email your plan to others, view or edit it on your iPad or iPhone or save a copy of your daily or weekly menu to re-use later.

The Menu Planner saves me so much time! I plan on Sundays, and it's so great to have all the decisions made for the rest of the week!

-- Ann R., Chicago IL

You'll shop smarter and save money

Any recipe can be resized up or down, and added to a grocery list, which is automatically sorted for your by aisle.

By creating a Menu Plan, you can shop for just the ingredients you need, and better use them up throughout the week. With BigOven's Use Up Leftovers feature, you'll reuse food in creative and delicious ways.

I downloaded this app the week before I discovered I was at the grocery store without my ingredient list for Pad Thai. I had the hardest time looking through cookbooks there to help me out. I downloaded this app and looked up Pad Thai and instantly there it was! Love this!

- iTunes reviewer

 You'll eat better

Our planning tools and nutrition information makes it easier to eat better. With BigOven Pro membership, you see calorie counts, protein, fat, carbohydrate and more, and you'll see which ingredients contribute the most of each. Armed with this information, you can make smart substitutions or portion size changes to best suit your diet.

 Share your creations with friends and family easily!

As home cooks ourselves, we know that sharing delicious creations is part of the joy.

With BigOven, you'll find it easier to plan dinner parties, share your creations via email, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and more. You'll meet other cooks who will inspire you, and can customize other cook's recipes.

Join BigOven today and get organized!

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