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Each of our free mobile apps has the unique "Use up Leftovers" feature. Just enter 3 ingredients from your fridge or pantry, and BigOven will show you what you can make!

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"5 Stars! I am in love with this wonderous phenomenon"

"5 Stars! Great app for finding recipes from your phone. Pair it with their site to add your own recipes and it works really well." -- paschott, Jan 2011

"5 Stars! What a great app! A week before I discovered it I was at the grocery without my list for Pad Thai. I had the hardest time looking through cookbooks there to help me out. I downloaded this app and looked up Pad Thai and instantly there it was! Love this!"

"Best Apps for New Moms" -- Time Magazine

"Best Android Apps (Honorable Mention)" -- New York Times

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