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Do you have the Deluxe Edition?  You can enjoy all these additional recipe boxes for free! 

BigOven InspiredCooking(tm) Deluxe Customers:  The recipe boxes in the first grid below are already included on your CD-ROM.  However, if you've purchased the Electronic Software Delivery (ESD) version, we do not include all 70Mb of recipe boxes in your initial download, just to keep download sizes smaller.

Recipe collections are stored in files called "recipe boxes", and the core recipe box file has a .CRB file extension.

Important:  Be sure to save these to the right folder so BigOven can find them!

BigOven is picky about where recipe boxes must be located on your PC.  (This is for performance reasons, so BigOven doesn't have to scan your entire drive to build a list of your available recipe boxes for you.) 

Here's how to save them to the right location when you add new recipe boxes to your PC:

  1. First, make sure that BigOven or BigOven InspiredCooking Deluxe is installed, but not currently running.
  2. Look for your "My BigOven Recipes" folder.  By default, it is created in your "Shared Documents" folder; the full path to this location is usually C:\DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS\All Users\Documents\My BigOven Recipes for Windows XP.  In Vista, it is C:\Users\Public\Documents\My BigOven Recipes
  3. Take a moment to inspect the "RBox" subfolder of your "My BigOven Recipes" folder that you found in the step above.  Note that for every recipe box, it contains a folder with the name of the recipe box, then the recipe box file itself with a CRB extension, and a folder called "Pictures".  This is how all recipe boxes must be saved to your PC for BigOven to be able to work with them.  They are all at the same "level", or depth, in the directory.

By building your own collection of recipe boxes, you will always have quick and easy access to them, even when you're not online.    In BigOven, there is absolutely no limit to the number of recipes that you can have in any single recipe box, unlike many other programs.   And BigOven's powerful searching makes finding what you're looking for easy and fast.

To jumpstart your collection, check out the ready-to-import recipes below.  

  BigOven Recipe Boxes (.CRB)  - More than 50,000 recipes in all!

Get all these recipes as a single download:  All Deluxe Recipe Boxes (62Mb)

OR download individually (recipe boxes vary from 2-10Mb):

Appetizers Beef Cakes Cheese Chicken
Chocolate Cookies Crockpot GrabBag Grains
Lowcarb MixedDrinks Pasta Pies Pork
Potato Quick Rice Salads Seafood
Seafood2 Snacks Soups Standard Turkey
Vegetables Vegetarian WeightWatch


How to install these recipe boxes:  Remember, first exit out of BigOven for Windows.  Then, simply download the .zip file below, and extract the contents to your "My BigOven Recipes\RBox" directory.  The extraction process will unzip a ".CRB" file (containing the recipes) and also create a "Pictures" subfolder under that directory.  (Running an earlier operating system than Windows XP?  Need an unzip utility?  You can try WinZip for free.)


499 Recipes for Healthy Living
88 Chicken Recipes
1,052 Weight Watcher recipes with Points
1,000 Low Carb recipes
80 Great Appetizers
499 Crock Pot / Slow Cook Recipes
500 Vegetarian Recipes
719 Canning Recipes and Canning Techniques
1,000 Mixed Drink and Cocktail Recipes

Have more to add?  Please let us know

Here are more recipes in other formats that BigOven can import.
Simply use BigOven's File/Import command to get them into your program.

Recipes that BigOven can Read/Import

  • MAD's Recipe Emporium - This is an enormous collection of recipes in MasterCook .MX2 format, which BigOven can quickly import.  This archive has everything from Low Carb recipes to recipes from famous chefs and restaurants. 
  • health01.zip - Recipes for Healthy Living, Dec 1999  60 KB    10/18/2001     

  • health02.zip - Recipes for Healthy Living Jan 2000  58 KB    10/18/2001

  • health04.zip - Recipes for Healthy Living, Jan 2000  61 KB    10/18/2001     

  • lowfat.zip - Low Fat / Healthy (853)  397 KB     10/22/2001   

  • MammasRecipes.zip - Cookbook  for Christmas Gifts  85 KB     10/30/2001

  • mufftxt.zip - Muffin Recipes (123)  49 KB     10/22/2001  

  • Over 600 Canning Recipes.zip - Over 600 canning recipes  227 KB     01/16/2002

  • pchef1.zip - Pampered Chef (48 ) 13 KB     10/22/2001     

  • WW_recipes1.zip - WeightWatcher Recipes with points 500+   227 KB    10/18/2001     

  • WW_recipes2.zip - WeightWatcher Recipes w/points 500 more  248 KB     10/18/2001

Mealmaster (.MMF) files

  • breadmaker.zip  - 389 Breadmaker recipes in MMF format   361 KB  11/18/2000

  • ffdrssn.zip  -Fat free and Low Fat Dressings (53) in MMF format 11  KB     07/15/2002   

  • Spanish recipes.zip  - Spanish recipes  202 KB     02/17/2004 

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