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I own/operate Pineywoods Herb Farm, located in the Davy Crockett National Forest of East Texas.  I grow and sell many types of culinary and some medicinal herbs.  I serve herbal luncheons which have proven very popular over the past three years, offering in-season, organic foods as much as possible.  Many of the vegetables are grown right here and of course all of the herbs are!  

We are located in an area that has the usual offering of fast food, BBQ, fried, etc., but very few restaurants that offer really fresh, local food that is healthy and not disguised under a thick layer of breading or sweet, corn-syrupy sauce.  I am finding that people are HUNGRY for the type of food I cook! 

I am an avid cookbook collector and have been cooking for many, many years.  I very much enjoy cooking for a crowd and my herbal feasts allow me to indulge my creativity to the fullest.  In addition to luncheons I serve dinner meals by special request and reservation, and also do quite a bit of catering.

My husband and I are retired from the corporate, big city life of Dallas and Houston, however since we have the herb/culinary business and 50 acres we work more now than we ever have.  Luckily we enjoy staying busy, getting things done and making improvements.  Favorite pastimes are reading (cookbooks naturally!) and enjoying nature out here in the boonies.

Favorite food is most anything that is fresh, preferably locally raised or grown and organic if possible.

I love all seafood, especially wild salmon (Vital Choice is my purveyor), not a huge beef eater but when I do eat/serve beef I prefer locally raised organic, 100% grass-fed.  Of course I love good Mexican food (who doesn't?), good Chinese/Asian, and pretty much anything that is authentic and true to culture.  What I  don't like is food that is loaded with trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, additives & preservatives, and pretty much anything boxed.  I avoid those aisles at the grocery store.

Fresh, in-season vegetables & fruits are sublime (spring/summer heirloom tomatoes, fall/winter beets, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, summer strawberries... the list goes on!) and I'm lucky here in Texas to be able to grow quite a few things year 'round. 

I grew up around cooks and I think one of the first books I read were cookbooks!  I don't know how many I have in my collection but it has to be several hundred, some dating back to the 1800's which are very entertaining to read.  I also like looking over recipes from the '50's & '60's...Frankfurter Casserole anyone?

Gardening and cooking are my passions and I feel extremely blessed to be able to indulge in both and share my love and expertise in them with others. 

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Yes, I am having someone do this for me and something obviously didn't go right. I will talk to him later today. He has done this successfully before so I don't know what he's doing differently but whatever it is we'll get it straightened out. Thank you.

3 years ago    phf

Hi there, thanks for trying RecipeScan! We note that several of the RecipeScan requests you submitted have no JPG image. Please be sure to send images in JPG format. Thanks!

3 years ago    stevemur

Thanks for the comment on my wall Cindy. Unfortunately, I live in Wisconsin so the ground will be frozen for a few more months. No growing Arugula for me. ;) I also don't have any room for a garden, but my sister does. I'll hit her up to plant some this spring.

The thing that really got me about your recipe was that none of the ingredients by themselves seemed to have a great deal of flavor. I was especially skeptical of the vinaigrette, as it seemed bland. But once I combined everything, the flavor was really incredible. That mild, plain vinaigrette just seemed to pull all the subtle flavors out of the greens and the almonds. I served it with a leg of lamb I roasted and it was a great side for that. Thanks for the recipe.

5 years ago    Alakar

Hi there and welcome, hope to see some of your fav.recipes on here soon, cant wait, Have a Perfect day,,,,,CCheryl

5 years ago    CCheryl

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