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Red Lobster's Parrot Bay Coconut Shrimp

Red Lobster's Parrot Bay Coconut Shrimp

I looked up this recipe at the last minute because I came across some fresh shrimp from Maine the other night. They tend to be smaller so I left the shell on and battered them up just the same. They cooked up, nice and lightly browned, in just a few minutes. I didn't make the salsa because I hadn't the proper ingredients but I will certainly plan for the salsa next time. The shrimp were positively addictive! We ate everything; shell, body, and tails. Nice and crispy! Thanks for the post. I have only one suggestion; please include an exact amount for the flour used for the batter. I used about half a cup if that helps. — kilikini1 3/3/2009
Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Grandma's Chocolate Cake

Sgrishka, I posted once before with regard to your excellent penuche recipe. This time I'd like to say that I (hopefully) honored you and your grandmother by dedicating an entire meal to your recipes. For the main course I made your garlic parmesan crusted pork chops coupled with potato gratin and roasted brussels sprouts. Everything was delicious and I heartily agree that if potato gratin is on the menu it makes no sense to use anything other than heavy cream. For the sprouts I took your suggestion and drizzled them with a quality balsamic vinegar and dusted them with pecorino cheese. Next time I make them I think will try a little truffle oil as well. I used to parboil and pan fry sprouts but roasting them is by far the better method. The crusted pork chops were out of this world. When I served them everybody commented upon how large and thick they were and suggested that finishing them would be an impossibility. As you can surmise, there wasn't a shred left at the end of the meal — sgrishka 2/24/2009
Old-Fashioned Penuche

Old-Fashioned Penuche

I am an accomplished home cook with a little restaurant experience to boot but I found my first few attempts at fudge making quite humbling. The advice posted in this recipe got me up and running and making penuche I could be proud of. Thanks a lot. - using parchment paper to line the pans is a great idea. - letting newbies know that the volume of the mixture would double as it cooks saves a messy clean up (and possibly a nice fire!) if the mixture should crest a pot to small for the job. - knowing that the temp would hover around 239 before it jumped to 240 acknowledges both the patience and speed with which the candy maker must work. - mentioning the need for safety is a great idea. This is hot stuff! Thanks again for your great advice. B- — sgrishka 1/14/2009

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Many recipes are merely words on paper, a guideline or a starting point from which to improvise. My Old-Fashioned Penuche recipe however, does require the cook to pay attention to detail to achieve a successful and safe result. I appreciate your wonderful review of this recipe and your acknowledgment of my efforts to include important details and tips to help even a novice cook with a more advanced recipe.

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