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I'm originally from the U.S. and lived there for the first 34 years of my life.  My mother was the first really great cook I met, and she and my father influenced my tastes in food permanently.  I never ate at McDonalds' until I was 14, due to my father's hatred of bad food.  They also instilled in me the yearn for the burn.  My favorite foods are hotter than hell!!  Cajun/Creole, Mexican, Texas BBQ.  These are the things I truly love.  When I left the U.S. for Barbados in 2000, strange as it sounds, one of the 3 main reasons I went there was because of that excellent mustard based habenero sauce they have there.  I've now live on a small island in the Gulf of Thailand for the past 7 years.  Again, partly because of the spiciness of the food. I'm a diving instructor, so what I do for fun is also what I do for a living.  I also like to fly ultalight planes, drive motorcycles and drink bourbon and beer. (Not at the same time!!) One of the things I appreciate about living here is that I've learned to make a lot of things from scratch.  There's no super market, so it's a bit of a pain to get ingredients.  The good news is, for example, fresh pork spare ribs are 2.00 dollars a pound. I also grow over 250 chili plants with over 20 different varieties.  This helps enormously.         Like I said before, I like it hot, so I naturally gravitate towards the Mexican, Tex-Mex, Cajun sort of thing.  One of my favorite foods that I'd never had a chance to try is Indian.  This stuff is just, to me, outstanding stuff.  I had to learn the hard way that it's not health food.  I always thought with the chicken, vegetables and all that you could eat unlimited amounts.  I was eating this stuff every night, then working out like mad every day.  Soon I resembled a gorrilla.  Then I befriended a Indian chef named Kamal and found out what ghee was.  " You must be careful with this my friend" he says.  Sheesh!! What I like to cook the most here is slow smoked, Texas BBQ ribs.  The Thai folks love it and the English and Europeans, for the most part have never had anything like it.  This 4th of July I'll have 60 people at my house!! Another thing I love to make is seafood gumbo.  Living on an island, the seafood is cheaper than hamburger and I import the andoullie from the mainland. One thing I miss here is beef brisket.  I can't get through to the butcher how to cut the thing and I'm close to giving up.  What I need is a Thai graduate of Texas A & M.  Or Baylor, or something... But, all in all, life is grand!!

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you can pick up one of those magic bullets at CVS or riteaid or wallgreens, im on my second one, i coulnt live with out it, i take it with me when i go on cruises,lol, really, love it, its a must have in my kitchen, lost with out it, CCheryl

5 years ago    CCheryl

thank you so much for the medal, that was very nice of you, i see you converse with my seeeeester alot on here, (guitarmom), anyhow, im glad you like the coconut shrimp, its a major favorite around here, toasting the coconut is a great idea, i do that but just dint add the step cause i wanted to post a simple recipe, i also put the panko and coconut together in the magic bullet blender and blend them together, i dont think i put that step in the recipe either, but anyhow, its a great recipe and im glad that you like it to, thanks again, CCheryl

5 years ago    CCheryl

I loved the Gumbo recipe!! Do you have any more Cajun recipes? If you do, post them soon.

5 years ago    wanita44

Thank you for the medal you awarded my Crab Cakes with Remoulade recipe; I appreciate it greatly! Also, welcome to BigOven. After reading your profile, I'm both looking forward to trying your recipes and hoping to see many more posted here. I also grow several varieties of chiles and enjoy hot and spicy foods immensely.

5 years ago    sgrishka

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