Cannellini Bean

Cannellini beans are used extensively in Italy, but were originally discovered in South America. Elsewhere, they are known as white kidney beans. The smooth texture and taste are similar to navy or great northern beans.

As with other types of beans, they’re a nutritious vegetarian substitute for meat.

Buying Tips

  • May also be called fazolia. Flageolets are in the same family (haricot beans), but not the same in size or taste.
  • Available dried or canned.

Storage Tips

  • Dried beans will last indefinitely, but are best stored in a jar with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Canned beans will have a long shelf life. Refrigerate or freeze after opening.
  • Refrigerate cooked beans in an airtight container to prevent dehydration. They should be frozen if not used within 3-4 days.

Usage Tips

  • Sort and wash before cooking.
  • Puree with desired seasonings and use as a spread.
  • When soaking overnight in a warm kitchen, refrigerate to avoid fermentation.
  • Cannellini beans can be used to make “white” chili.
  • Do not allow beans to boil. Keep at a simmer or the skins will break open and the flesh will turn mushy. Stir (gently) occasionally.
  • When pre-cooking beans, add equal amounts of onion and orange zest. Drain water and remove the extra ingredients.
  • One cup of dried beans will yield approximately three cups cooked.

Substitution Tips

  • Any white bean is interchangeable.

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