Cheese is the ultimate comfort food… especially when it’s hot and melty.

Spinach & Ricotta Grilled Cheese

You’re getting a serving of greens with this cheesy sandwich! Dunk your crispy, gooey masterpiece in warm marinara then devour.

Classic Lasagna

This tasty lasagna makes great leftovers. You can freeze it and reheat later too! Did we mention there are 3 types of cheese involved?


Go ahead, stuff yourself with the good stuff.

Stuffed Peppers

Choose any color pepper, or use a mixture for an extra colorful dish. Rainbow peppers will cheer just about anyone up when it’s a bit dreary (and chilly) out.


These simple calzones are both quick and easy! Fill em up with your favorite pizza toppings… go all out with the meat or keep it vegetarian. Either way, they’ll be tasty!


Sauce it up–your dinner and life in general.

Pork Chops & Gravy

Serve flavorful pork chops with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted veggies. Dinner is served! If only life were always that easy.

Cashew Chicken Curry

The flavors in this creamy curry will nearly knock your socks off. All you need is a pot of fluffy rice then you’re good to go.

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