With a spicy, wild mustard flavor, mizuna is a wonderful complement to your mixed green salads.
Native to Japan, this delicate, feathery salad green is related to Chinese cabbage. The vegetable has long, smooth, green leaves and a spicy, exotic, wild mustard flavor. Often found in mesclun, a special green-salad mix, it's also great cooked until lightly wilted. Mizuna is also called siu cai.


Mizuna is available as a mature green or in a baby version that is smaller and more tender.

Buying Tips

Most readily available in early spring to late summer, mizuna can be found in farmer's markets, specialty produce markets and well-stocked grocery stores. Look for crisp, green leaves, avoiding any that are wilting or beginning to brown.

Storage Tips

Wrap in plastic and store in your refrigerator's vegetable drawer. It will keep four to five days.

Usage Tips

• Wash and thoroughly dry just before using.

Steam, boil or stir-fry.

• Use to complement other greens (especially Red Asian mustard) in mixed salads.

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