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BigOven was started by a software veteran who loves to cook. Steve was standing in a grocery store in 2003, wishing he could look up his family recipes, as well as a vast cookbook of options to make the most of what was freshest that day.

With BigOven, you can take your recipes anywhere, make grocery lists and easily share your favorite creations with your friends, family or even your future self when you need them. An innovative leader in the category, BigOven was the first recipe app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, and has been downloaded over 11 million times, with over 2 million registered members. We're building a Kitchen Cloud platform with our API, connecting home cooks with the foods they love, allowing developers, bloggers and webmasters to add recipes and shopping lists to their apps.

We're located in the Fremont neighborhood of Seattle, at 600 North 36th Street, Suite 400, Seattle Washington 98103.

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Our Team


I love to cook.  It's a fun, creative activity that can be enjoyed every single day.

Meals are about sharing. I think we'd all benefit by slowing down a bit, and focusing more on the nightly family dinner.  Life is too short, and the many lasting benefits of regular all-family meals are well-documented. It's where we connect, learn to share, learn manners, and pass along family lore.

I started BigOven because I love cooking, and think we can make it much simpler and more fun. BigOven is all about solving the 'What should we make tonight?' problem for you.

Now that I've got most of my own favorite recipes online and on my smartphone, cooking for a family of five is much easier.

Software veteran and home cook Steve Murch founded BigOven, and leads the passionate team behind it.


Cooking is a family affair in our household. It helps us merge and create new family traditions. I was born in the Philippines and moved to Los Angeles in my teens. I survived LA in the 80s and drawn to creativity and technology, embarked on a path focused on marketing, advertising, and digital media. We moved to the Pacific Northwest - after being told it only 'mists' here - to enjoy the work, people, food, and lifestyle.

Nowadays, we savor our family time together, creating concoctions in the kitchen. My kids love to mix and match ingredients to come up with new flavors. I, on the other hand, like to use recipes. I get excited about recipes featuring beets, chocolate, or practically anything with truffles. My husband has a love affair with his barbecue, slow roasting, and harissa seasoning.

BigOven is a great fit for our family lifestyle. Our grocery list and recipes - including my mom's Arroz a la Cubana and my grandmother-in-law's handed-down, delectable stew recipe - are in one place, helping make shopping and cooking easier. We get to enjoy our fun, quality kitchen time together, especially when it's misting outside.

Meliza's a Disney, ad agency and consumer marketing veteran who whips up a terrific dinner party. She leads BigOven's marketing team.


I love to eat great food, and really enjoy when my wife and daughter cook together. Having grown up in Europe, and traveled/worked in Asia, the Middle East and Africa I have some eclectic tastes and am often trying new culinary experiences, the more unusual the better. I value variety, and I love when my daughter experiments by "inventing" new dishes (which we add to her growing BigOven collection.)

Living at altitude in the mountains of Colorado we schedule our trips to the grocery store, and try to plan ahead. Since we are a mobile device household the BigOven applications are just right to help us save on unexpected trips, and manage our fridge & pantry.

I enjoy working on the mobile applications since they help people experience new recipes, save money, and get more out of eating. I strive to have them fullfill the very personalized commitment of "take your recipes anywhere".

Adam Jack is BigOven's iOS Development Lead.


Growing up with a single mother and four brothers resulted in a need for someone who had time and energy to cook for a small army, and that someone happened to be me. I even ran a small, unofficial business selling Amish Cinnamon Bread in high school, and the love of cooking has stuck with me through the years.

I am excited to be a part of a team that is creating a product for people just like me and looking forward to bringing BigOven’s huge knowledge base of recipes and cooking tools right to the fingertips of people everywhere (including myself)!

Chantell Osejo is BigOven's Android Development Lead.


I love Italian food, especially a good deep dish pizza!

I'm "The Breakfast Guy" at my house, multi-tasking like a short order chef. My specialty is a scrambled egg creation of salmon, spinach, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. I actually like grocery shopping, seeing each visit as a type of "time trial" to see how quickly and efficiently I can get through the store. The BigOven grocery list has certainly made that a lot easier!

Bob Hogan is BigOven's Director of Advertising Partnerships


I have always enjoyed experimenting in the kitchen. It’s fun to taste the finished product and make something new and exciting for family and friends.

Figuring out what to make for dinner should be a positive experience. BigOven is a wonderful place to store my own recipes as well as discover new recipes… every day I come across recipes that I want to make!

My favorite dish is mac & cheese with sharp cheddar, gruyere, nutmeg and lumachelle pasta. Twice-baked apple blue cheese potatoes are definitely a close runner-up.

Everyone eats, so everyone should cook too, or at least give it a try!

Elizabeth Schneider is BigOven's Social Marketing and Editorial Manager.


Though I might not spend a lot of time in the kitchen, I'm a lover of all foods. Growing up in a diverse environment, I've had the chance to experience many unique or otherwise interesting cuisines ranging from Hawaiian, traditional Southern, Hungarian, and Filipino.

I've always enjoyed grilling, especially in the summer. Whether it's a simple marinade for chicken or a delicious steak recipe, I've become more adventurous in my cooking (thanks to BigOven).

I'm very excited to be a part of the BigOven team and look forward to creating a great user-experience.

Lofton Taylor is BigOven's UX & UI Designer.


As with Lofton and Doug, I am a bit clueless when it comes to finding my way around the kitchen. When prepping for family feasts, I am often restricted to peeling carrots and drying lettuce. But what I lack in cooking ability, I make up for with a passion for eating.

Like many, I use food as a tool for sampling different cultures and concocting new recipes, an outlet for ‘traveling’ and creativity. BigOven’s massive recipe collection has certainly helped me in my path to becoming the ultimate foodie. I recently found an affinity for grilling steaks and vegetables, especially mushrooms. Aside from overeating, my favorite pastimes include reading, exploring new places, and reciting Seinfeld quotes.

I am thrilled to be a part of the BigOven team, and I hope to play a major role in bringing the app to millions of cooks around the world.

Jordan Strong is BigOven's Advertising and Operations Support Manager.

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