Basic Bread

Adapted from the King Arthur Flour website. Delicious and easy!

(4.3, 182) 75% would make again

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Yield: 28 Servings Ready in 2 hours

Cuisine: American   Main Ingredient: Bread


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bjesse6 , 1 months ago

Made 2. great loaves..very easy
swkvsons , 3 months ago

janetacy11817 , 4 months ago

Mng777777 , 4 months ago

Lukecoe92 , 5 months ago

Easy recipe. Makes a really nice dense bread. Made it basic no add ons, but after reading some of the reviews, will add some butter and herbs. Anyone know how to keep the cornmeal from burning?
bigdavecooks , 6 months ago

A simple way to make really good bread.
NickTheGladiator , 6 months ago

Pretty Nice!!!
TheYoungOne , 6 months ago

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swags9 , 7 months ago

get this out of my account. what is it doing in my collection, mocking me?
miris1 , 10 months ago

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