Broccoli Soup -- Gordon Ramsay
We cooked the broccoli soup again and added some fresh tomatoes. The acidity of the tomatoes working with the broccoli and cheddar cheese make for a lovely combination.
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Broccoli Soup -- Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay shares his recipe for broccoli soup -- intensely flavorful with only a few ingredients!

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Yield: 4 Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: English   Main Ingredient: Broccoli


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Outstanding soup - rich, velvety and very very moreish. You do need to season well and if you haven't cooked the broccoli until tender or don't blitz when hot, you end up with a grainy soup. You only need a bit of liquid to deliver a deliciously comforting soup. I served this with soft goats cheese and a scattering of parsley and would happily serve this as a starter for a posh dinner.
arfasairaiqbalo8i3d9 , 7 months ago

Yumm. Better with a little cheddar cheese.
Jon5449 , 2 years ago

caprirose55 , 2 years ago

@Srkstl: Check YouTube or Google for "broccoli soup gordon ramsay"
vogelap , 2 years ago

I can't imagine this is a Gordon Ramsay recipe. It has a major texture issue and is only as good as the cheese you add.
Srkstl , 2 years ago

First time using goat cheese. Definately adds a different little kick to it! I found the goat cheese tasted funny by itself but gave the broccoli soup an interesting creamy flavor! It was great! No need for olive oil. Just adds hidden unnecessary oil/fat to food.
crystalcollins1 , 2 years ago

I've made this a few times after I saw him make it on KN or HK, can't remember which. Love it, so much better than typical Broc/cheese soup that you get from the sandwich shops.
psychlohexane , 2 years ago

Im giving the recipe as its written 3 stars. I thought it was ok, but a little bland -- like watery baby food. I added a small clove of garlic and a about 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil to the blender. With just a couple small adjustments, it was really fabulous. blender. With the adjustment, it went from ok to really fabulous.
Fruitveggirl , 2 years ago

Truly delicious and super easy. I might use a hand blender for a bigger batch. Hearty and simply good.
chriscmcd , 3 years ago

Big big payoff for very little effort. Even the kids love it.
Robpugl , 3 years ago

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