Broccoli Soup -- Gordon Ramsay
We cooked the broccoli soup again and added some fresh tomatoes. The acidity of the tomatoes working with the broccoli and cheddar cheese make for a lovely combination.
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Broccoli Soup -- Gordon Ramsay

Chef Gordon Ramsay shares his recipe for broccoli soup -- intensely flavorful with only a few ingredients!

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Yield: 4 Ready in 45 minutes

Cuisine: English   Main Ingredient: Broccoli


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Outstanding soup - rich, velvety and very very moreish. You do need to season well and if you haven't cooked the broccoli until tender or don't blitz when hot, you end up with a grainy soup. You only need a bit of liquid to deliver a deliciously comforting soup. I served this with soft goats cheese and a scattering of parsley and would happily serve this as a starter for a posh dinner.
arfasairaiqbalo8i3d9 , 3 months ago
Yumm. Better with a little cheddar cheese.
Jon5449 , 2 years ago
caprirose55 , 2 years ago
@Srkstl: Check YouTube or Google for "broccoli soup gordon ramsay"
vogelap , 2 years ago
I can't imagine this is a Gordon Ramsay recipe. It has a major texture issue and is only as good as the cheese you add.
Srkstl , 2 years ago
First time using goat cheese. Definately adds a different little kick to it! I found the goat cheese tasted funny by itself but gave the broccoli soup an interesting creamy flavor! It was great! No need for olive oil. Just adds hidden unnecessary oil/fat to food.
crystalcollins1 , 2 years ago
I've made this a few times after I saw him make it on KN or HK, can't remember which. Love it, so much better than typical Broc/cheese soup that you get from the sandwich shops.
psychlohexane , 2 years ago
Im giving the recipe as its written 3 stars. I thought it was ok, but a little bland -- like watery baby food. I added a small clove of garlic and a about 1-2 teaspoons of olive oil to the blender. With just a couple small adjustments, it was really fabulous. blender. With the adjustment, it went from ok to really fabulous.
Fruitveggirl , 2 years ago
Truly delicious and super easy. I might use a hand blender for a bigger batch. Hearty and simply good.
chriscmcd , 2 years ago
Big big payoff for very little effort. Even the kids love it.
Robpugl , 2 years ago
Danny_Jazz , 2 years ago
Very good, just make sure you have the correct amount of salt! Remember you can always add water and salt, not take away...
Kjarett1 , 3 years ago
Fabulous! Simple to make for a very healthy lifestyle. My family loved it. Sadly there were no leftovers. Next time I will double it! Thank you
Vickallah , 3 years ago
I found it is all about having the right amount of salt and not adding to much of the water when blending the broccoli. Otherwise it was surprisingly really good.
Kjarett1 , 3 years ago
This takes just a little longer than the boiling and the 4 minute period. The stuff you add after gives it the interest.
wyattj , 3 years ago
Best ever and sooooooooo simple
mapexonly , 4 years ago
Very simple to make, filling too. Was amazed at how nice it tasted.
Clanfieldchef , 4 years ago
This was so easy to make and you can dress it up in countless ways. Try a swirl of red pepper puree or top with parmesean crisps or croutons. I had it just like the original, poured over shredded cheese. I used fresh broccoli from my farm share, the flavor was intense!
Joyce408 , 5 years ago
I have made this recipe twice, and both times they have been excellent! You can really vary the recipe by adding your own twist, such as changing up the cheese or adding more vegetable toppers. Nonetheless, the base soup itself is flavorful with excellent texture. Nothing will suit you more on a cold winter day than this particular soup!
JFlores , 5 years ago
This tastes like pureed broccoli. Very bland.
fearinglyndsay , 5 years ago
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