Dijon Mustard

See also mustard.

Dijon refers to a type of mustard that was first created in Dijon, France. Today it is made all over the world, following the methods of the original recipe.

All Dijon mustard is made from brown or black mustard seeds, which are the strongest and most flavorful. After the seeds are hulled and ground, they're blended with wine, vinegar or green grape juice as well as special spices or seasonings. Dijon mustard has a pale grayish-yellow color and clean, sharp flavor that ranges from mild to hot, depending on the variety.


One of the most famous mustard companies in Dijon was founded in 1777 when an Englishman named Grey developed a secret recipe for strong mustard made with white wine. He formed a partnership with a Frenchman named Poupon, who provided the financial backing to manufacture the product. They would later revolutionize the mustard business by inventing the first machine to automatically process mustard seeds. This allowed large quantities of mustard to be produced quickly and cheaply. The original Grey Poupon building still stands in the heart of downtown Dijon.

Varieties and Buying Tips

Dijon mustard is available in several different flavors including blue cheese, raspberry and champagne. On supermarket shelves you'll likely encounter "country" Dijon, which is made with coarsely ground mustard seeds, and "honey"Dijon, a great dipping sauce blended with honey and brown sugar.

For some extra "heat," look for "deli" or "spicy" varieties that are blended with horseradish or piquant herbs. To keep flavors more on the mild side, try a smooth and creamy Dijon mustard-mayonnaise blend.

Have dry mustard on-hand in the pantry? Instead of store-bought, whip up a homemade Dijon recipe.

Storage Tips

Refrigerate prepared mustards after opening and mind the expiration date. If water pools to the top of the container, simply shake or stir well. It is still fine to use.

Usage Tips

  • Serve Dijon in dollops over prepared meats like ham, pork chops or filet mignon.
  • Mix Dijon and white wine to make a delicious marinade for grilled or broiled salmon.
  • Spread on ham and cheese sandwiches, cover with foil and bake.
  • Toss with lemon juice and dill to dress green beans.
  • Stir into homemade mashed potatoes.