Green Bell Pepper

See also red and yellow bell peppers; sweet peppers.

These bell-shaped peppers have a crisp, juicy flesh and a distinct, sweet flavor. Picked when mature, but not fully ripe, they sport a bright green color. When left on the vine to ripen, green peppers eventually turn to even sweeter reds. With no heat whatsoever, green peppers find their way into a wide variety of salads, relishes, stir-fries and savory dishes. They're also delicious eaten raw on their own.


Native to the tropical Western Hemisphere, Christopher Columbus brought sweet peppers back to Europe where they quickly became a popular ingredient in Spanish cuisine.

Buying Tips

Green bell peppers are available year-round, while other colors like red, orange and yellow are found more sporadically throughout the year. Choose peppers with firm, shiny, evenly colored skins. They should feel heavy for their size.

Storage Tips

Place green peppers in a plastic bag and store in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Usage Tips

Add raw green bell peppers to your favorite salads or serve them in vegetable trays with dip. To slice a fresh pepper, use a utility knife to cut it lengthwise on all four sides (cutting around or along the sides of the stem). Then use your knife to remove any remaining ribs or seeds. Slice across each section to make your desired size.

Green bell peppers are also ideal for stuffing. To hollow the pepper, begin by cutting a circle around the stem. Carefully pull out the stem and ribs and use a spoon to scrape any that remain. A quick rinse under cold water will help you remove any leftover seeds. Now you're ready to stuff the cavity with your favorite prepared filling, or try one of our stuffed pepper recipes.

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Suggested Pairings

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