Jewish law forbids eating certain classes of animal and forbids eating meat or poultry products with milk or milk products. Kosher foods are thus divided into 3 categories: Meat -- includes beef, lamb, chicken, etc.; Milk -- includes milk, milk products, milk components (casein, whey, lactose); and Parve (or Pareve) -- fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, eggs. Foods classified as parve contain no milk or meat products, and can be eaten with either milk or meat. When purchasing food, Jews need to know if a food is strictly kosher, and if so, what is its classification (milk, meat or parve).

Special note -- Searches for recipes including the term "Kosher" will lead you to recipes that have the text "kosher" anywhere in the recipe, not necessarily certified kosher recipes.  That is, even if the recipe is NOT even possible to be Kosher, but has, say, "kosher salt" in its ingredient list, it will show up in the search results.  Fair warning!  Thanks.