Aromatic and sweetly tart, tangelos are wonderful for juicing or eating out of hand. These knob-stemmed Minneolas are also delicious in salads and desserts.
This yellow-orange citrus fruit is a cross between the tangerine and the pomelo (an ancestor to the grapefruit). Usually the size of a common sweet orange, the rind is smooth or slightly bumpy, and somewhat loose. Tangelos are very juicy and highly aromatic. Their sweetly tart flavor makes them good for both juicing and eating fresh.


The most plentiful and popular tangelo in the United States is the Minneola. More commonly known as "Honeybell," this large-sized variety has a pebbly, deep reddish-orange skin and few seeds. It is slightly elongated in shape and easily recognizable by a characteristic knob-like formation at the stem end.

Other varieties include the sweet-flavored Nova and the mild and slightly flat-shaped Orlando.

Buying Tips

Tangelos are in season from November through March. The fruits should have deep colored skins and feel heavy for their size. Don't worry if you see some small green patches near the stem end.

Storage Tips

Usually ripe and ready to eat when you buy them, tangelos can be stored at a cool room temperature for up to a week. For longer storage, keep in the refrigerator crisper drawer (away from vegetables) for up to two weeks.

Usage Tips

Thoroughly wash tangelos before using. For easy peeling, insert a finger between the skin and the flesh and remove the peel a piece at a time. Separate the fruit into segments and be sure to remove the pits before adding to recipes. To do this, simply snip the center of each segment and then gently squeeze out the seeds.

Tangelos are wonderful for eating out of hand, but they're also bright and unexpected additions in salads, stir-fries, stuffings and desserts like vanilla ice cream. For more vibrant flavor, freshly grate the peel and sprinkle over your favorite dishes.

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