Trout fillets are mild, meaty and great for smoking, grilling, and baking.

Trout is a favorite fish for grilling, baking, smoking, frying, and stuffing whole. The delicate flavor must be paired with like sauces, marinades, and side dishes. Like many fish, it is high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and is among the oilier species that include salmon and tuna.


Rainbow trout is the best-known. Two subspecies – steelhead and salmon trout – are also available in many markets. Rainbow trout are among the safest of fish to consume, as most sold in the are farm-raised. 

Speckled (brook) – small freshwater fish and more flavorful than other species.

Other popular freshwater fish are brown, golden, and cutthroat.

Some sea trout species typically live in both salt and fresh water. These may be found at specialty fish markets during peak seasons. Saltwater fish include silver, spotted, and white.

Trout is available whole or filleted. Either can be frozen, fresh, or brined and smoked (kippered).

Trout roe, or caviar, is also available at some retailers.

Buying Tips

Farmed fish is available throughout the year. Look for bright eyes and a fresh smell. The skin should be glistening and very slippery.

Flesh will be pink to reddish similar to that of salmon. Immature trout will be white.

For grilling purposes, select larger fish or steaks as these will hold together well over a hot fire. Because the flesh is somewhat fragile, a grate or basket with small grids is recommended.

Storage Tips

Fresh trout should be refrigerated no more than two days. Rinse and dry first, then place on a rack over ice and cover.

Use frozen (in a deep-freezer) trout within three months and no more than four weeks if kept in a refrigerator freezer.

Usage Tips

Freshwater trout does not require scaling; saltwater fish should have scales removed. Leave skin intact on both.

Substitution Tips

Use whitefish for baking and sautéing.

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Suggested Pairings

Balsamic vinegar, carrots, couscous, greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, rice, zucchini