Steve's French Onion Soup

French Onion Soup is ideal for an autumn or winter night.

Traditional French Onion Soup uses beef broth, but, since my wife doesn't eat red meat, I usually make it with chicken and vegetable stock.

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Yield: 8 Servings Ready in 2 hours

Cuisine: French   Main Ingredient: Onions

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Want to try. Looks great! The onions and butter really cook for an hour and a half before adding the broth? Seems so long like it wud turn to mush.
Binty69 , 2 years ago
Really simple and great for any beginner cook who wants to look impressive! Make sure you follow the recipe on the low heat and it's almost impossible to mess up and so so good!
AleishaKalina , 2 years ago
Takes a while to make. Very similar to restaurant recipe. Used beef stock. Next time I would use chicken stock and more salt.
Stewdebaker , 2 years ago
This recipe is awesome! Big hit amount my family and friends!
Kellydye0202 , 2 years ago
Kgjames , 3 years ago
if i could rate this as ten stars i would!!!! omg this was so yummy,i used two yellow onions,two red,two white and it was delish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i will deff hold o0n to this recipe,thanks for sharing
heinrich54 , 3 years ago
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! The best eva dude u rock!
Azka , 3 years ago
Why not just use plain mozzarella cheese
Carincutie , 3 years ago
dietitian , 3 years ago
Fantastic! I'm not a fan of shop brought fench onion soup, but this was superb! I didn't add the cheese because I'm not to keen on cheese, I can only stomach cheadder or soft cheese if I'm making deserts x
ellymommabearUk , 3 years ago
It was good. I added garlic powder and used half beef broth and half vegetable stock. Would make again!
srembor , 4 years ago
I tried mixing it up too by adding 1 quart chicken stock. It made it a lit lighter than I normally like. Wife liked it though. Watch fir the salting; found I didn't have to add any additional.
Mkokodyn , 4 years ago
Fabulous start. I made the following changes the second time. Used yellow onions, cooked for about 2 hours for more carmelization. Used 2 quarts beef stock and 1 quart chicken stock, 1 cup dry sherry and 1/4 cup worcestershire sauce. I let this simmer very gently for about 5 hours and it just seemed to get better and better
71sport , 4 years ago
Takes patience as the 90 mins for onions is boring but loved it...did add the white wine as one of others suggested but stuck with the red onions as previously always use white/yellow so was nice for a change...especially the cheesy baguette floater was superb! I am in London and reminds me of US restaurants doing it that way alot. Went down extremely well with others eaters!!
PondACB , 4 years ago
Good soup. When I tasted it while still in the pot It seemed like it was missing something but when I added the cheese that brought it home for me.
Jamalleelee , 4 years ago
2 tabls of Sherry works well in this recipe.
mahouse1 , 5 years ago
Steve your recipe is great tough, below is more the restaurant version but worth to give it a try at home. I put bread croutons on top of the soup and then the cheese, just before gratinering, ( the croutons help to keep the cheese on top and are easier to eat with a spoon then a baguette slice of bread). I preffer white or yellow onions ( they have a stronger onion taste and are not so sweet then the red onion )Also I add some dry white wine ( 1 cup ) after I sautee the onions (I almost carmelize them )and reduce this to half the amount then I add beef stock and the rest of the Ingredients, and Voila, Bon Apetit Mon Cher Ami Steve...
chefb , 5 years ago
For everyone saying "no ingredients listed" via the PC software -- please delete the local copy of the recipe and press "import" to import this one. (For some reason the ingredients were removed in the sample recipe box distributed in the software.)
stevemur , 5 years ago
No ingredients listed
parisgranville , 5 years ago
I don't understand your comment, dhill. The ingredients are listed right here, on the page, under the section called "Ingredients". (Also, please note that on the Internet, using all caps is considered equivalent to shouting.)
stevemur , 6 years ago
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