Chutneys are served with most meals at the Indian table, especially curries. Their sweet/sour/hot range of tastes goes well with any cuisine.
Chutneys are an Indian condiment that range in consistency from chunky salsa to relish to that of preserves and jams. They typically incorporate fruits, vegetables, vinegars, sugars, spices, and herbs to achieve the ultimate balance of sweet and sour sensations. Some are raw, as in the case of an all-vegetable chutney. Others are semi- or fully-cooked when fruits are added.

The secret to an outstanding chutney is the use of underripe fruits and crisp vegetables. Peppers and raisins are common ingredients. It is these combinations that go so well with samosas, rotis, and papadums.

Indian recipes are not the only foods to benefit as chutney can be paired with any cuisine. was the first country to embrace the taste and developed its own variations, including Major Grey’s, which is made of mangoes.


They are known as “chatni” in . Authentic chutneys will fall within three categories: hot, sweet, and a combination of the two. From here, the ingredients used will veer into many other sensations that include sweet/sour, peppery/tart, and tangy/hot.

Many supermarkets carry a range of chutneys, but the greatest selection will be through ethnic retailers. Most requested blends include tamarind, coconut, plum, tomato, and mint.

Buying Tips

Before chutneys made their way from to , they consisted mainly of fresh fruits. These were incorporated in a range of dishes and used for dipping at the table. As other countries discovered the wonders of chutney, the ingredients and preparation methods changed. When purchasing, buy several chutneys in small quantities and experiment. There is no “right or wrong” pairing.

Storage Tips

Most chutneys have a long life due to high vinegar content. They can be stored unopened for several months at room temperature. Refrigerate after opening and they will be good for much longer.

Usage Tips

Mix with cream cheese to create a spread for crackers and toasty breads.

Sweeter chutneys can be treated as a glaze