Caesar Salad
caesar salad with anchovies
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Caesar Salad

If you've only had Caesar salad with dressing from a bottle, try this one and you'll be amazed at the difference in quality. The original Caesar Salad was made in Tijuana for Hollywood visitors (named after the proprietor).

It is absolutely essential to get the romaine bone-dry for the best salad. Prepare and refrigerate the lettuce at least 2 hours before serving, preferably more.

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Yield: 4 Servings

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Hi Lisa, Not sure what you mean -- there is no blue cheese in this recipe (nor should there be).
stevemur , 6y ago

This is a really great Caesar recipe. I love the flavor of the blue cheese which I had never seen as an ingredient in Caesar Salad before. It was super garlicky which was also great. I made an edit. I did not have anchovies on hand so I used two tablespoons of chopped capers which add that salty flavor. It was great. I think next time I would use less blue cheese
lisacrooke , 6y ago

I really love a good Caesar salad, not to fishy tho, i use anchoviy paste instead so i dont have to mess with any anchovies, but they are needed for that salty flavor, i put about 1 full teaspoon in my dressing, then you get the flavor but not the fishyness.
bookumbob0 , 6y ago

[I made edits to this recipe.]
rmgreber , 7y ago

dejavu , 7y ago

For those of you who feel that anchovies can be rather overwhelming, rinse them before you use them in the recipe. That'll remove some of the salt and make the flavor milder. Still need 'em in the dressing. (One will suffice.)
ribudda , 7y ago

you might want to add alittle tabasco! i was told will eating in puerta rico that it was used in the original recipe. gives it a graet added flavor.
leejay11 , 7y ago

i used to love ordering caesar salad when i lived in the states. i haven't had it for years. this recipe sounds like a good one and i hope to try it soon! zahava
zahava , 7y ago

just an FYI, the anchovy paste is what gives all ceasar dressing the zing you taste, don't skip it just because you are afraid of the fish.
armagetiton , 7y ago

I plan to make the salad but without the anchovies, other than the fish it sounds great.
dadproffitt , 8y ago

Very delicious...I'd try some grilled chicken or shrimp on it next time...great for spring coming up!
puerca83 , 8y ago

the lettuce crispness ,and anchovy richness cruton crispness and cheese richness , wonderful alternatives
yatooba , 8y ago

Now I can make my favorite salad at home! Thanks for the tips on handling the lettuce!
pauly0207 , 8y ago

I live in a rural area, so this great recipe gives me a pure version of my FAVORITE salad. Especially good with fried oysters. Thanks
peggymoon , 8y ago

I made this with homeade pizza. It was really good and easy.
roseplummer , 8y ago

Very good tasting version of the classic, and easy to make!
danpit , 9y ago

VARIATION -- Picked up ready-to-go Parmesan Chicken Breasts from Whole Foods yesterday... Put dinner plates in freezer, made the dressing with torn romaine, then placed the sauteed chicken breasts (sliced on the bias) on top. Delicious; rave reviews from my wife.
stevemur , 9y ago

Very nice dressing. But watch the raw egg. Instead I "poached" the egg for 1 minute, makes things a bit safer! Make your own croutons. (Cubed day old French Bread, olive oil, one crushed clove of garlic,heat in saute pan, toss in croutons and brown)
blueskylad , 9y ago

auntgigi , 9y ago

Made this family favorite again. Delicious, springtime meal served outdoors with a cool Pinot Grigio.
stevemur , 10y ago

This is certainly the classic version. Adding an egg yolk is sometimes done but I'm not sure what the "real original" version even was.
promfh , 10y ago

very good and great for a hot day

[I made edits to this recipe.]
stevemur , 10y ago

I really enjoyed this recipe and my wife thought it was great and she loves Ceasar Salads. I added 3 anchovies on the top of the salad because she also likes anchovies. I also doubled the amount of lemon juice to a whole lemon. I definitely will make again.
baks , 10y ago

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